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I am currently a principal software engineer at Talen-X. I was part of a small startup that developed multi-million dollar product lines and was successfully sold to a larger company.

As a quick learner with nearly a decade of experience in industry, I am a productive and valuable asset to my professional engineering team. I have spent years creating new products, fixing bugs, and adding features to existing product lines.

Technical Skills

Main Programming Languages
C++, Python, C#
Embedded Linux
Yocto, Creating new bitbake recipes, troubleshooting bootloading/missing kernel modules/random OS issues
PHP/MySQL/PDO, Python/SQLAlechemy, Java/SQLite, C#/Db4o, C/SQLite, PostgreSQL
Native Mobile Development
iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android
Web Technologies
Javascript, CSS, PHP, jQuery, reactive and responsive designs
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects
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Languages (Proficient)
C, C++, Objective-C, PHP, C#, Javascript, Java, Verilog, Python, SQL
Other Languages
ActionScript3, HTML, CSS, VBA, Shell scripting, Ruby, VHDL, NodeJS, Razor
Embeddded Linux
Yocto, Bitbake, Bootloaders, Kernel modules
MySQL/PDO (PHP), SQLAlechemy (Python), SQLite (C or Java), Db4o (C#), CoreData (Objective-C), MS SQL Server, Azure, PostgreSQL (OpenStreetMaps)
Mobile Dev
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile/CE
Source Control
Git, Subversion, TortoiseSVN, Team Foundation Server, Perforce (p4, p4v)
Web Frameworks/Libraries/APIs
CakePHP, jQuery, FBML, SVG, MediaWiki, DataTables, Tablesorter, Flot, Minify, Bootstrap, Tweenlite, Heroku, Helios, Amazon S3, Ruby on Rails, Knockout.js, Leaflet, SignalR (C#), MVC 5, AngularJS, Firebase, AngularFire, flotr2, Meteor
PyQt (Python GUI), Xcode Interface Builder, JNI (Java Native Interface), P/Invoke (C# Native Interface), Twisted (Python threading), Curl, irrKlang, OpenGL, GLUT, Qt (C++ GUI), QML
Text Editors
Sublime Text, vi, vim
Embedded Chips
Atmel ATmega128, MSP430, Arduino, Raspberry Pi Zero W, Beaglebone Black Wifi
Testing Frameworks
Junit (Java), Ocunit (Objective-C), PyUnit (Python), Mock (Python), Squish
Project Management
Trac, BitBucket, GitHub, Hudson/Jenkins, GitLab CE
Xcode (iOS, Objective-C), AVR Studio, Eclipse (Android, Java), FlashDevelop, QtCreator (C++/Qt), PyCharm, Android Studio, Visual Studios
High Performance Computing
Arrays of ThinkMates (72 cores, 8 GPUs, 192GB memory), Convey HC-1, Convey HC-2
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, iMovie
Web Dev Websites
Browser Stack, JSFiddle,
Electronic Components Websites
SparkFun, Mouser, Seeed Studio, Deal Extreme
make, Dropbox, WAMP/LAMP, CMU Sphinx (speech recognition), Asterisk (VOIP PBX), Microsoft Office, PyLint, Lambda Functions/Closures in C++ (C++11), Celemony's Melodyne (Auto-tuning), SQL Buddy, phpmyadmin, qmake, cmake, ninja, x11vnc, noVNC, zsh, ReSharper (C# VS add-on)
Indoctrination of Methodologies
DRY programming (Don't repeat yourself), DRY programming (this is a joke!), Agile Development (sprints, product backlogs), TDD (Test Driven Development), KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
Participation in Code Competitions
Google Code Jam, XKCD Almameter Hash Competition, MEMOCODE Competition
Things I'm interested in learning or using, but haven't yet
NVIDIA tensorflow, Selenium, Pic, Raspberry Pi, Creating NuGet Packages, Swift, TypeScript
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ISU Seal

Iowa State University, Ames, IA Dec 2012
M.S. Computer Engineering

Iowa State University, Ames, IA May 2010
B.S. Computer Engineering

Work Experience

Talen-X, Ankeny, IA 2017-Current
Principal Software Engineer

Our great team (of 4 engineers, a CEO with capital, and a few sales guys) split from PreTalen, which was growing head count doing contracting work for the government. We developed BroadSim, a GNSS simulator with support for military encrypted signals, in our basements. Now we're taking BroadSim to the next level in our Ankeny office.

PreTalen, Ankeny, IA 2015-2016
Software Specialist

Working with a great team, I designed and developed new products and added features to existing ones. This included adding 50+ GPS receivers to a C# application that allowed testing the receiver performance in various scenarios and simulated denied environments, training other employees, on-site visits, and new product development.

Ag Leader Technology, Ames, IA 2013-2015
2 years - Software Engineer on the Advanced Development Team
I took the lead on developing the Remote Support feature for the company [Link], and added numerous new features to two of its products: their flagship Display (an embedded Qt application), and AgFiniti (a C# cloud­based web application).

Iowa State University, Ames, IA 2010-2013
3 years - CprE Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant
I have been a teaching assistant for CprE 388, a course on iPhone development I helped design during my undergraduate career. In the summer of 2011 and 2012, I was in charge of running the lecture and monitoring the labs for CprE 288, an embedded systems course that uses the iRobot Create platform and gives students experience with C programming and the ATmega128 processor.

Chaddington Software Studio, LLC, Ames, IA 2010-Present
Ongoing - Part-time Entrepreneur
Wanting to stay in Ames and enjoy my freedom before graduate school started, I spent a summer figuring out how to start an actual legal business (LLC); I decided I would see how much money I could make on my own, with high hopes of becoming a multi-millionaire and hiring my friends from non-computer related fields (as they were having a hard time finding work). I honed my web development skills, learned a lot about myself and how to keep myself motivated, and ended up creating a few streams of income, albeit small streams. I'm not Mark Zuckerberg, but I was able to create a knock-off of his Facemash in a day. I also fiddled around with Apple's AppStore and the Android Marketplace and have a series of applications that bring in some money. I also did some freelance work on the side. I still spend a weekend here or there growing my business.

Priority 5, Ames, IA 2009
3 Month Developer
Priority 5 is a small startup company located at the ISU Research Park. At Priority 5, I designed and developed a phone transcription product on a team with two other Agile developers. The project consisted of doing a market survey of available medical transcription software, definition of the project, risk analysis, and cost estimation. I was responsible for researching VOIP (Voice Over IP) technology, deploying a VOIP based PBX (Public Branch Exchange) using Asterisks. The team benefitted from my research and development skills, along with my expertise with CMU's Sphinx speech recognition engine. Adding Sphinx to the dial plan logic I implemented using Asterisks, our team was successfully able to create a turnkey product that could transcribe phone speech in a way similar to Google Voice.

Intermec Technologies, Cedar Rapids, IA 2008-2009
7 Month Software Engineer
Intermec is a mid-cap technology firm that specializes in developing mobile devices for business use. At Intermec, I was part of a team of twenty engineers who were integrating Windows Mobile on a custom set of hardware. During down time, I taught myself C#; which became an asset to the company later in my stay. I began teaching other employees the language, and we used it to develop test code much faster and increase our code coverage. I helped encouraged knowledge sharing through WikiMedia software with friendly competition; I would send out statistics on those members of the team that contributed the most in a given month. This knowledge sharing helped create a rising tide, with less skilled members of the team learning from the more experienced users, thus, making our team more productive. I also created various departmental applications for automated reporting and test automation.

Rockwell Collins, Coralville, IA 2007
3 Month Business Intern
Rockwell Collins is a large-cap corporation specializing in commercial and governmental aviation electronics. At Rockwell, I was taken under the wing of a management team overseeing groups of operators who were hand soldering specialized parts on circuit boards. Although only a freshman, my knowledge of Visual Basic proved extremely valuable to the management team. Individually, I defined, developed, and tested over 6 projects that automated reporting, mined data to reduced defects, and allocate staffing depending on scheduling need. My greatest achievement at Rockwell was automating managerial paperwork. At a rate of 1 man-hour per manual report, one of my three reporting automation programs continues to save the company 20 man hours of managerial labor costs per week.

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Papers & Awards

Masters Thesis
Accepted for publication:
C. Nelson, Kevin Townsend, Osama Attia, J. Zambreno, P. Jones, "RAMPS: A Reconfigurable Architecture for Minimal Perfect Sequencing", IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2016
C. Nelson, J. Zambreno, P. Jones, H. Hofmann, "RAMPS: reconfigurable architecture for minimal perfect sequencing using the Convey hybrid core computer"
1st Place in the International Design Competition. Our short read aligner was 22 times faster than the next place time:
C. Nelson, K. Townsend, B S. Rao, P. Jones and J. Zambreno, "Shepard: A Fast Exact Match Short Read Aligner", Proceedings of the International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for Codesign (MEMOCODE), July, 2012.
Teaching Excellence Award
After being nominated by my major professor and others, I was selected as one of two TAs to receive a teaching excellence award in the spring of 2012.

My Hobbies

  • My kids
  • Piano
  • Bodyweight fitness, running, biking

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